Experience Wave Therapy to supercharge your health

A natural, non-evasive healing modality to detoxify the body, reduce pain/inflammation, improve sleep, promote weight loss and much more!

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Health & Freedom is here

Our holistic FREEDOM Wellness Program with Wave Therapy naturally helps the body to improve sports performance, overcome chronic pain, or heal more rapidly from an injury or illness. Start here and experience Wave Therapy for more freedom from pain and greater health and vitality for you and everyone you love.

  • Sports Performance

    Amplify your sports performance by increasing circulation, energy and reducing your recovery time

  • Pain Management

    Utilize our FREEDOM method and help your body greatly reduce or even reverse chronic pain

  • Detoxification

    Cleanse the body to reset its innate ability to heal. With the body freed from toxins and full of essential nutrients, the body can function at a higher level

  • Health & Wellness

    Balance your mind, body and spirit to feel more energized, healthy and resilient at any age

Wave Therapy is a powerful tool

CuraWaves offers Wave Therapy, a frequency generator Rife machine that delivers specific frequency currents that enables your body to heal at the source. Backed by decades in the market from the same US manufacturer of Global Wellness, the pioneers in frequency generators. Electrotherapy is a powerful, proven tool in our FREEDOM Wellness Program.

Better health is in your hands

To achieve ultimate health and wellness, it takes knowledge, daily practice and support. Our FREEDOM Wellness Program provides education, ongoing coaching and medical supervision to empower you to be free from pain or illness and achieve your individual health goals. Take one step forward each and every day until you feel great!

Why use a Wave Therapy Rife Machine?

Pain Management

Pinpoint hundreds of common ailments, no matter how complex, and relieve numerous forms of chronic pain or loss of function from injury, disease or surgery. Alleviate headaches and migraines; back, knee, shoulder or neck pain; and arthritic or fibromyalgia pain.


Cleanse the body of harmful toxins with CuraWaves FREEDOM Wellness Program personalized detox plan. Help your body protect itself from disease and renew your health. If you are battling a health challenge and looking for better results, Wave Therapy sessions can be tailored to address stubborn toxins to free up the body to naturally heal.

Immune Support

Boost your immune system for the long-term with Wave Therapy frequency generator's natural, non-invasive pre-programmed sessions. The body can regain its self-regulating and self-healing powers. Promote brain health and mental health with specific frequencies that boost brain function and promote emotional balance and relaxation.

  • What is the FREEDOM Wellness Program?

    Receive ongoing support from our team to recover at home with FREEDOM utilizing these healing methods:

    F = Faith, Hope, Love

    Know that our bodies are divinely designed to heal, naturally. 

    R = Restoration

    Give your body what it needs (and doesn't need) to rebuild + restore.

    E = Electrotherapy

    Our electric bodies and cells need be detoxed and energized.

    E = Emotional Balance

    Stress harms our immune system while laughter improves it. Find balance.

    D = Detoxification

    Feel the benefits of better health by removing toxins deep within the body.

    O = Oxygenate 

    Create a rich oxygen environment to be healthier at the cellular level.

    M = Mindfulness 

    Scientific studies on mindfulness show we can literally rewire the brain.  


"Being a competitive athlete my entire life, and then entering in to Coaching for the past 26 years has taken its physical toll on me as I age. Just recently I had to have both a lower back discectomy and knee surgery, as I was relegated to using a wheelchair for five months, unable to walk as a result of the excruciating pain. After having both surgeries, the Wave Therapy machine was used as a big part of my recovery regime. It totally accelerated my healing and dramatically reduced my pain and inflammation so I could get back into the game and walk again. Both of my surgeons were amazed at my quick recovery by saying it’s absolutely remarkable how soon I was able to get back up on my feet! The team at CuraWaves are so supportive and responsive. I highly recommend this method for rapid recovery of sports injuries, surgeries as well as to detoxify after taking all the pain opioids and medications. I just wish I knew about this amazing recovery tool sooner!"

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in July 2020. It came with several co-infections and Mold Toxicity. I chose to tackle this naturally and without any pharmaceutical drugs or antibiotics. I am on a natural cocktail from my doctor and purchased the Rife Wave Therapy Machine from CuraWaves. With their guidance, they helped me create a program specific to me and my infections. In less than a year, I killed a strain of Borrelia and of Burgdorferi and completely got rid of the Bartonella virus....that by the way is one of the hardest to get rid of!  I will continue using this device until this nasty disease is in remission. I'm now confident that this will happen! I also used the Wave Therapy machine as part of my healing program when I had Covid, which I believe prevented me from being hospitalized. The support at CuraWaves is incredible as they really understand how to overcome serious medical challenges and help the body heal itself.