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At-Home Wave Therapy Frequency Generator, Manual and Personalized Plan

$1,995.00 $2,250.00 saving $255.00
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At-Home Wave Therapy Frequency Generator, Manual and Personalized Plan

$1,995.00 $2,250.00 saving $255.00
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The Wave Therapy Frequency Generator delivers square waves of more than 250 frequencies and comes pre-programmed with 400+ auto-code sessions and body detoxification protocols for one-touch operation and ease of use. The user holds two stainless steel cylinders in their hands, or attaches two reusable electrode pads to their arms, back or legs for hands-free use. The Wave Therapy unit is a portable machine with an intuitive user interface.

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If you’re experiencing health issues like fatigue, pain, chronic stress and moodiness or are battling more serious health challenges, it may be time to explore energy healing as a complement to your current health regimen. The purpose of energy medicine is to treat energetic imbalances in order to bring the body’s systems back to homeostasis. When human energy patterns are disturbed, it is believed that this will accelerate disease and aging. 

Potential Uses for Wave Therapy Frequency Generator:

* Detoxify the body from viruses, parasites and pathogens 

* Pinpoint hundreds of common ailments, no matter how complex, and relieve numerous forms of chronic pain or loss of function from injury, disease or surgery

* Boost immune system so the body can regain its self-regulating and self-healing powers

* Test different frequencies to find the perfect combination to ultimately reverse illness and find more freedom from pain and suffering 

* Alleviate headaches and migraines; back, knee, shoulder and neck pain; and arthritic pain.  

* Improve circulation to injuries to accelerate healing and increase energy

* Reduce insomnia symptoms and help with overall sleep regularity and restorative sleep

* Complement current treatments to help speed up recovery from serious health conditions, postpartum healing and healing after surgery

* Promote brain health and mental health with frequencies that boost brain function and promote balance and relaxation

Electrotherapy is transforming lives and empowers practitioners with a quantum healing modality. Using this machine, however, should not replace conventional care, so be sure to continue seeing your health care professional, especially if you are struggling with a health issue. To reduce any potential side effects, make sure to hydrate and listen to your body. 

Our modern world is full of toxins that reside in the body and may cause fatigue, pain, brain fog, chronic inflammation and disease. Clean your body and its systems and restore cellular health to experience greater health and vitality. 

For greater results, utilize the FREEDOM from pain methodology: faith, restoration, electrotherapy, emotional balance, detoxification, enhanced oxygen intake and mindfulness. Based upon your goals we provide a personalized schedule for electrotherapy to detox and boost the immune system. We also provide education with a special attention to diet, supplements and water and specific exercise as an effective way to release toxins.

The Wave Therapy machine can help the body's natural cleansing process go even further than simple diet detox programs and works deeper to remove tricky toxins by:

  1. Improving circulation of the blood;
  2. Zapping and killing stubborn parasites, viruses and bacteria;
  3. Refueling the body with healthy nutrients that absorb more effectively;
  4. Supporting the liver to drive toxins from the body; 
  5. Giving the natural immune system a boost;
  6. Promoting elimination through the intestines, kidneys, and skin;
  7. Providing quantum healing through a holistic health approach.

Wave Therapy frequency generator machine and the CuraWaves detox program includes personalized plan, wellness consultation and the Wave Therapy, Rife machine.

Greater health is in your hands!